Content Marketing in 2016

It’s a New Year, so it seems like a good time to take a fresh look at content marketing. Whether you’re approaching it from the point of view of a business that wants to use content for promotional purposes or as a writer who wants to make a living creating content, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Content is King vs. Content Marketing is Dead

The saying “Content is King” is now almost as old as the internet itself. While something of a cliche by now, it still remains true in many ways. It’s arguably a tautology as well (something true by definition) -as just about anything can be called content. But what it really means is that putting out content that’s relevant, on topic and interesting is the most important thing you can do -as opposed to hype, flashy features and high tech gimmicks (though these have their place as well).

Why would anyone claim that “content marketing is dying?” This is usually in response to Google’s latest update, which has caused many sites to lose rank. This doesn’t mean, however, that content itself is no longer relevant; only that Google is constantly refining what kind of content it considers valuable. To say that content marketing is dying is similar to saying that SEO is dying, a claim we’ve also heard many times over the years -and one that is very far from true.

If you want to see what the very knowledgeable folks at are saying about content marketing in 2016, I recommend checking out this article:

How to Make 2016 Your best Content Marketing Year Ever

Author Quinn Whissen recommends, among other things, paying close attention to your site’s SEO and using plenty of visual content. The latter is an important point, and one that points to the changing definition of “content.”

In the past, content pretty much meant writing. Now it includes just about everything found on the web -blog posts, videos, photographs, infographics and slide shows (did I leave anything out?).

The bottom line is that, whether you create or publish content, you should stay current with the latest industry trends. In future blog posts (most likely the next one), I’ll take a closer look at exactly what is meant by “quality content,” a phrase often repeated but seldom defined.

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