“Agora” is a Greek word meaning a meeting area or market. The most familiar usage today is probably agoraphobia or fear of open spaces. The world today, with the increasingly global economy and digital technology is increasingly becoming a giant agora of sorts –though often a chaotic and bizarre one.

My vision of Planet Agora is to help people make sense of all the different yet connected forces at play in the world, which I tried to convey in the displayed graphic. The fact is, all these forces such as technology, business, the media, culture, and others (e.g. politics, religion, environmental issues, etc.) are all combining and influencing each other.

We seldom have much impact on larger issues (unless you’re a CEO, politician or celebrity maybe). We do, however, still have control over our own decisions, interpretations, and beliefs. Planet Agora is a blog, content aggregator, and provider of services. You can see some of these by browsing the pages on this site. The following are some key areas I cover:

  • Writing and content creation: blogs, articles, e-books, videos, graphic design.

  • Resources for travelers and digital nomads. I travel quite a bit myself (I also do house and pet sitting), so I’m naturally interested in keeping up with travel-related topics.

  • My own writing –In addition to my posts here, Medium, where I post on topics related to society, culture, and various reviews. I also have various books, on topics ranging from urban fantasy to decluttering on my Amazon Author Page.

  • Movie reviews. I have separate site for these: Indie Film World.

  • Print-on-demand (t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.) Designs – Planet Agora Collections.

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